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Context-aware preventative cybersecurity

Security service providers use Shield Cyber’s Continuous Exposure Management (CEM) platform to manage IT assets, see fully contextualized cybersecurity exposures, and intelligently prioritize remediation efforts for all of their clients in real-time.

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Security-first organizations committed to safeguarding digital assets.

Enriching security exposures with context shows you exactly what needs to be fixed, and in what order, to have the greatest impact on organizational risk.

“It’s common that 1 – 5% of exposures will make up nearly all of an organization’s total risk at any given time.”


Founder of Shield Cyber and CEO of Hoplite Consulting


Opt-out of the never ending game of whac-a-mole.

Traditional vulnerability management (VM) identifies risks on an asset-by-asset basis and classifies them using a generalized risk score. An asset’s total risk score is a sum of the identified risks only on the asset itself.

Too many vulnerabilities

Most don’t matter

Attackers go beyond CVEs

Shield Cyber's Continuous Exposure Management (CEM) platform uses the identity and access layer to incorporate permissions and access misconfigurations. This highlights additional areas of risk across assets on the external attack surface and internal network. An asset’s total risk score is the combination of its risks and the outbound and inbound vectors to and from it.

Understand exposures within the context of their environment

See how exposures come together to create attack paths

Remediate intelligently based on likelihood of exploit and potential business impact


A fully integrated exposure management platform

We bring together everything that’s required to see an environment like an attacker would. Shield Cyber’s CEM platform powers context-aware preventative cybersecurity for managed security service providers (MSSPs) and security-driven managed service providers (MSPs), as well as security solutions providers including managed detection and response (MDR), extended detection and response (XDR), security operations center (SOC) as a service, and penetration testing providers.

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“By 2026, organizations prioritizing their security investments based on a continuous exposure management program will be three times less likely to suffer from a breach.”

Implement a Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) Program


Cyber defense based on logic, not magic


Get instant visibility into assets across your environment

You can’t defend what you can’t see. Shield Cyber’s scanner automatically uncovers known, unknown, and even rogue assets in your network. In an instant, detect all assets and their associated exposures across your environment.


See security weaknesses like an attacker

To get to Point C, an attacker must first go from Point A to Point B. Observe how your exposures chain together to create an attack path leading to your critical assets. And promptly remove the exposures before they can be exploited.


Prioritize fixes by likelihood and impact of exploit

A broom closet doesn’t require the same attention as the vault. Shield Cyber contextualizes the exposures in your specific environment to show what an attacker could exploit and the potential impact to your organization. No more SSL vulnerabilities rated “high”!


Enjoy hyper-efficient risk reduction

Easily discern the critical few (exposures) from the trivial many. Focus on the highest leverage fixes first to disproportionately reduce total risk to your organization. Add efficiency to effectiveness with clear action steps and auto-grouping by fix type for each exposure.


Get detailed insights into everything that’s happening

Experience your personal cyber control center. Shield Cyber’s dynamic dashboard provides you with a real-time snapshot of your managed environments. Monitor every client in a single platform using our multi-tenant functionality.


A practitioner-first approach to preventative cybersecurity

Built by attackers

Built by real security practitioners to solve a real problem for security providers. Deploy Shield Cyber once and experience the perspective of an attacker living in your environment ad infinitum.

Designed to scale

Every component of Shield Cyber was built with the success of our channel partners in mind. From best-in-class security to channel-specific features obsessively designed for ease and scale.

Cutting-edge security

Informed by thousands of penetration tests (and counting) and up-to-the-minute threat research, Shield Cyber is positioned at the forefront of the security landscape.

Singular focus

We enable security providers to proactively protect their customers from cyber attacks. We are committed to being the best in the world at this one thing.


"Shield Cyber will enable us to increase our vulnerability management services 4-fold over the next 12 months. It’s the only solution that combines the security features we require with the automations and user-friendliness to scale the business at our target rate."

Vince Mazza

CEO of Guard Street Cybersecurity

"Shield has dramatically improved our ability to report to non-technical stakeholders. We can easily show our clients their environment in real time. We can point out where and how an attack could happen. And we can instruct them on how to prevent an attack. All automatically produced within the Shield platform."

Doug Miller

CEO of Brightworks

"Shield Cyber allows you to see your network as an attacker would see it. You can gain visibility into the connected vulnerabilities across all your assets, and understand how they can be exploited by attackers."

Ben Card

CISO at Webcheck

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"We were looking for a vulnerability management solution that was both security-focused and intuitive. Shield checks both boxes. The support and attention to detail from the Shield team is a huge added bonus."

Nathan Welch

IT Manager at Intrasect


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