Attacker-centric exposure management

Go beyond CVEs and view your network like an attacker. Take action on the most critical risks on your most critical assets.
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Shield dashboard highlighting critical network information.

Attacker-centric exposure management

Go beyond CVEs and view your network like an attacker. Take action on the most critical risks on your most critical assets.
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The Platform

An attacker's playbook, simulated.

Attack surface, mapped

View your entire attack surface instantly. See assets across your entire network, and the vulnerabilities related to those assets.

Critical assets, categorized

Track vulnerabilities across tier zero and other critical assets. Closely monitor the risks that could lead to complete network compromise.

Identity risks, uncovered

Identify risks at the identity layer such as misconfigurations, overprovisions, and weak password policies.

Remediation, streamlined

Fix issues faster with clear remediation steps and auto-grouping by remediation strategy.

Scan, continuously

Set your scan schedule to your desired frequency for each customer. Enjoy hands-free continuous vulnerability scanning.
100% Channel

Developed by penetration testers.
Designed for the channel.


Vulnerability management, but better

Vulnerability management does not equal patch management. Yet that's the core focus for most traditional vulnerability management solutions. Shield goes beyond CVEs and lets you view your environment like an attacker would, allowing you to take action before an attacker can.
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Built by practitioners

We are not a platform built by product people with a get-rich-quick idea. We are a platform built by career penetration testers to address the shortcomings we experienced with traditional vulnerability management.
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Multi-tenant platform

Stop wasting your time manually logging in and out of different client accounts. Toggle between clients and manage everything in a single platform.
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Easy deployment

Deploy Shield in three easy steps: Download the software. Launch it in your network. Start scanning.
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Lightweight agent

Get in-depth assessments of assets with immaterial network impact. Upon deployment, instantly gain complete network visibility on assets from inside your server room to the other side of the world.
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Designed to scale

You can't scale your vulnerability management services while chasing down all 12,000+ CVEs rated as "high" or "critical". Do more with less with Shield. Automated scanning. Automated prioritization. Simplified remediation. And priced for the channel.
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Don't just take our word for it.

"Shield will enable us to increase our vulnerability management services 4-fold over the next 12 months. It’s the only solution that combines the security features we require with the automations and user-friendliness to scale the business at our target rate."

Vince Mazza

Chief Executive Officer, Guard Street Cybersecurity

"Shield has dramatically improved our ability to report to non-technical stakeholders. We can easily show our clients their environment in real time. We can point out where and how an attack could happen. And we can instruct them on how to prevent an attack. All automatically produced within the Shield platform."

Doug Miller

Chief Executive Officer, Brightworks

"We were looking for a vulnerability management solution that was both security-focused and intuitive. Shield checks both boxes. The support and attention to detail from the Shield team is a huge added bonus."

Nathan Welch

IT Manager, Intrasect

"Shield Cyber allows you to see your network as an attacker would see it. You can gain visibility into the connected vulnerabilities across all your assets, and understand how they can be exploited by attackers."

Ben Card

Chief Information Security Officer, Webcheck

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